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Warning: this list simply illustrates some examples. The firm reserves the right to accept or reject, upon assignment, all the tasks, included or not included in the following fields.


Separation & divorce

  • Separation - legal and by mutual consent, mediation, conditions, change of conditions, issues after approbation.
  • Divorce - by joint request, legal divorce, change of conditions, appeals, execution.

Compensation for damage

  • Liability in contract - breach of contract, defect in the goods or services provided, delay in the execution of the contract, penalty clauses, consumer protection.
  • Non-contractual liability - health and personal damages, credit rights, personality rights, right to property integrity, public administration liability, environmental pollution, noise, immissions, damages caused by children, employer’s liability, damages caused by things kept in custody, damages caused by animals, damages due to dangerous activities, damages resulting from the collapse of buildings.
  • Liability in case of car accidents - material damages, physical damages (permanent and temporary disability, death, moral injury, existential damage, relationship damage), protection of survivors and heirs.
  • Professional liability - medical and paramedical liability, liability of Notary Public, engineer, architect, certified accountant.
  • Patent and trademark liability - infringement of patent, trademark, company, unfair competition.
  • Liability for damages due to crime - abuses, violence, insult and libel, infringement of the rules concerning accidents at work, traffic violation, proceedings before the ombudsman, institution of civil action, summons of the legally liable party.

Credit collection

  • Contractual credit protection - contract provisions against non-payment risks, contract pleas, arbitration clauses, types of contract, credit guarantees, rights of lien, endorsement, surety.
  • Extrajudicial credit collection - formal arbitration, informal arbitration, mediation - Alternative Dispute Resolution - acceleration of payment - debt extinction agreements - arrangements, assignments for benefit of creditors.
  • Judicial credit collection - summons, appeal by order of the court, appeals by postponing all other cases and giving a decision, writ of attachment, actions for revocation, actions for subrogation, (judicial and extrajudicial) writs of execution, credit instruments; bill of exchange, check - sequestration of the movable and immovable property, garnishments, precepts, distraints, transcriptions, oppositions.
  • Credit collection in bankruptcy proceedings - arrangement before bankruptcy, liens, actions for revocation, proof of liability, bankruptcy litigation, obligations before and after bankruptcy.
  • Criminal credit profiles - fraud, fraudulent insolvency, embezzlement, false accounting, bankruptcy, tax-dodging.

Property and ownership

  • undefeasible rights, usucaptions, rights of use, community and joint ownership, actions in defense of property and ownership, sequestration of the movable and immovable property.


  • drawing up of contracts, evictions, end of tenancy licences, advice.

Obligations and contracts

  • drawing up of regular and irregular contracts, advice, proceedings for performance of contracts, cancellation, rescission and resolution of the contract.

Corporation and company

  • Patents and trademarks - protection of intellectual property rights.
  • Company - articles of partnerships, advice for the drawing up of by-laws, liability actions against directors, withdrawal and exclusion of the partner.  


  • drawing up of bankruptcy petitions, proofs of liability, opposition against the adjudication in bankruptcy.


  • partition of inheritance, actions in abatement in defence of the legitim, advice and support.

Probate jurisdiction

  • support administration, restraints, disqualifications, separations, divorces.


Individual criminal defense

  • drawing up of charges/actions, institution of civil action, legal aid, request/opposition for/against precautionary measures, withdrawal of actions, defence inquiries, appeals, appeals in cassation, surveillance court.

Criminal commercial and company law

  • bankruptcy, unfair competition, distinguishing marks, environment (pollution and town/city planning), labour (safety at the workplace, accidents at work and professional diseases, frauds, dishonesty, unfair competition, breach of secrecy agreements, forgeries etc.), information technology, privacy.

Aid to crime victims

  • injuries or death because of car accidents, accidents at work, health service inefficiency, actions, institution of civil cases, family abuses, ill-treatment, frauds.

Warning: this list simply illustrates some examples. The firm reserves the right to accept or reject, upon assignment, all the tasks, included or not included in the above mentioned fields.



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